Idylis Chest Freezer Manual


Before purchasing the Idylis chest freezer, you should know about how to operate it. You should read the instruction manual to avoid the damage to the parts of the freezer and to reduce the injury which is caused by the accidental problems.


You should follow the safety precautions to keep yourself safe. If you are not having enough knowledge about how to handle it, just go through the below Idylis chest freezer manual to get more information about it.

Operating Instructions-Idylis Chest Freezer Manual

First of all, find out one suitable place for it and place the freezer on it. Then set the temperature with the control knob to adjust the temperature of the chest freezer. After using it, you can set your desired settings on it. In the case of unplugging the freezer, allow for 5 minutes before plugging it.

Adjustable Temperature Dial

It is used to adjust the temperature with the help of adjustable temperature dial. Probably, it is provided with the 7 settings plus off button. “1” button produces the warm temperature and button “7” gives the cool temperature. The off button is used to stop the cool freezer.

Food Storage

Based on Idylis chest freezer manual, before keeping the food items in the freezer, you should cool the hot food items. The important thing to note is that you should keep the packaged food items inside the freezer. In a case of keeping the improper food items which may result in odor and the taste of the food items may get changed. You should never refreeze the defrosted foods.

How To Defrost And Drain The Freezer?

You should turn the temperature control to OFF and unplug the unit. Next step is to remove the drain plug and the process takes at least two hours to complete it. To increase the job, you should open the door of the freezer. Place the tray under the outer drain plug. Probably, you need to pull and rotate it so that the arrow is pointing in the downward direction.

Therefore, the water may flow out of the tray. On pushing the dial, the arrow may point in the upward direction. Th drain plugh ahve to be re pluged inside the freezer. Finally, reset the temperature to the desired settings.

How To Clean Your Freezer?

Mix the baking soda with warm water and prepare the cleaning solution. You should use the soft cloth and damp it in the cleaning solution to clean the freezer rinse it with the warm water and clean it with the dry and soft cloth. While cleaning the chest freezer, not to use the harsh chemicals. which may cause damage or discolor your freezer.

You must clean the door gaskets once in three months. Keep the gaskets clean and liable to assure a proper seal. On applying the petroleum jelly on the hinge sides of the gaskets which help to provide a great seal.

How To Handle The Power Interruptions?

The power interruptions may be caused by the thunderstorms or occur by some other reasons. At once when the outage of the power occurs, you need to remove the power cord from the AC outlet and when the power had arrived, you need to re plug the power cord into the AC outlet. In the case of prolonged outage, the user should inspect the  spoiled food and take steps to remove it quickly. Before reusing, you should clean the freezer.

Safety Precautions

  • Not to refreeze the foods that have been thawed thoroughly.
  • At the time of defrosting the freezer, not to use any sharp needles or electrical device which cause damage to it.
  • You should replace the electrical cords at once when it gets damaged.
  • Suppose when your old freezer is not being used, you should remove the doors and must keep the shelves in place to reduce the chance of danger being affecting the children.
  • When the chest freezer is in operation, you should not touch the cold surfaces of the device when your hands are in wet condition. Your skin may adhere to these cold surfaces.
  • Never to operate the chest freezer near the explosive fumes. You should choose the place which is away from the direct sunlight or any other heat sources.
  • You should unplug the freezer before cleaning to prevent the electric shock.

From the above review, you can get some of the knowledge about the manual instructions on how to operate the Idylis chest freezer. You should read the above points on Idylis Chest Freezer Manual to get some of the important topics about it. If you feel that we had missed some of the points, you can write to us. If you like this article, you can share it on the social networking sites.