Haier 5 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer – Reviewed


Are you struggle hard with your less freezer storage space and thought this Haier chest freezer would be the right choice for you? Yes! Definitely it is a right sizing chest freezer design to meet all your needs of storage requirements. Keep on reading this reviewed article to get more information about the design features and its well defined operating quality of this Haier 5 cubic feet chest freezer before purchasing it.


The Haier 5 cubic feet chest freezer is used to store the bulky food items for about long duration term. It provides high efficiency of cooling effect to store lot of frozen food items to save the large space requirements. This stylish top lifting lid design helps to hold both small and large frozen food items in a fresh solid state.

What’s Specially Featured In Haier 5 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer?

With the Haier 5 cubic feet chest freezer, you can easily store 175 pounds of frozen food items within a compact storage space. It is highly implemented with the front accessed adjustable thermostat to allow the user for easy temperature controlling ability for preserving food in a fresh condition. It is highly implemented with the durable type of aluminum interior housing for withstanding against scratches and other extreme temperature factor.

This space saving Haier chest freezer is easily fit into the corner of the room to provide the user with the enough storage space. The removable type of handy basket is inbuilt within the device to save space and frozen food items. The flat back design allows the system to be affixed against the wall to avoid scratches.

The Haier 5 cubic feet chest freezer constitute the ability to up the capacity of frozen food items up to 80 kilogram. It is highly inbuilt with the front access adjustable thermostat to easily make access on the temperature controlling option. This compact chest freezer is fully featured with manual defrosting option and draining control to regulate the flow of water out from the device.

This 5 cubic feet chest freezer includes an external temperature dialing option implemented on the lower left side of the front panel display. It is well featured with the hanging type of bulky storage basket to equip the food stuffs anywhere in the top of the freezer and it can be easily removed if the user needs extra storage spacing.

Implemented Specification Of Haier 5 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer

There is several kind of implemented specification for Haier 5 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer which is down listed as below. It is well equipped with the easily portable type of recessed handle for easy storing functionality. This easy accessed front mounted mechanical thermostat is used to make some adjustment over the temperature control panel to safeguard fresh condition of the frozen food items.

It is highly equipped with the power on light indicator and heavy duty spring to indicate the proper functioning of the top door hinges for preventing the door from slamming on to the ground. The Haier 5 cubic feet chest freezer consists of the side vent with the ventilation facility for user safety measure.

This flat back durable aluminum interior design helps to customize the space based on you desire and it comes out with the dimensional measure of 28.3 inches of length, 33.3 inches of height and 21.6 inches of width. It usually weighs with the value up to the range of 79 pounds which guaranteed with the limited duration of one year warranty.

Haier 5 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer

Key Features – manual defrost chest freezer, flat back design, ventilation facility.

Pros – high cooling efficiency, easy customizing option, adjustable temperature.

From the above reviewed article, you can easily make your own decision to buy this Haier 5 cubic feet chest freezer for your household purposes. This manual defrost type of chest freezer usually consume less amount of power for operating the device to keep the food safe and healthy over long duration term. If you think that I have missed any of the important features to be included in this article and then don’t forget to pen down your suggestion regarding the reviewed article in the following comments option.