How To Defrost A Chest Freezer?


Freezing is a useful process in which various products and food materials are cooled to a particular limit and preserved without any loss in their freshness. A chest freezer is also a device that uses freezing technology to save foods. After frosting the food products, defrosting is used for removing the food products safely from the freezer. Many people have a question that how to defrost a chest freezer?


The answer to this question is very simple, defrosting is a simple process and it can be done in few minutes. This process is done for removing the food products from the freezer and also for cleaning the freezer and making it hygienic.

Defrost A Chest Freezer

Defrosting a chest freezer is useful because it helps the users to maintain the hygiene and safety of the device. This process is very useful and it should be performed on a periodic basis. There are several steps that should be followed while defrosting a freezer. Before moving to steps, the user should know various information about defrosting.


The defrosting is generally done to remove the excess storage of ice within the device. Generally, freezing results in the formation of ice within the device. They built-up time to time and result in a reduction in the storage area. In such cases, defrosting should be performed for cleaning the excess ice within the device.

The improvement in technology has developed new model freezers with automatic defrosting technique whenever there is an excess build-up of ice. But many conventional freezers lack this capability, so defrosting should be done at least once in a year to regulate the functions and performance of the device.

In addition to this, defrosting can also be done while cleaning the freezer. Cleaning the chest freezer will keep all the food materials hygienic and it will also add support and performance to the entire device. The working of the entire device can be regulated with this technique.

Defrosting is a simple technique and it can be performed within few minutes. The time duration of defrosting purely depends on the design and feature of the chest freezer. While defrosting, the materials within it can be preserved by external means, such as ice bags, cubes etc.

Steps Involved In Defrosting

As mentioned above, defrosting is a simple process and it can be performed effectively by following certain steps effectively. These steps that should be followed while defrosting are listed below.

  1. Remove Food From Freezer

The first step for defrosting the device is to remove the food products and other things from the freezer. While defrosting, the food products cannot be preserved safely as in the freezer, so plan to defrost on a day when your freezer would be empty or when the freezer has very less food with it.

While removing the things from the freezer, check for the freshness and expiry date of the products, if you think the product is up to date, then threw it away and if any products are near to date, then cook it immediately.

Remove these products and transfer it to the conventional refrigerator or within the ice packs. This will help the user to maintain the freshness of the product while defrosting the device. Remove all the products completely from the device.

  1. Turn Off Power

Next step is to turn off the power in the chest freezer. The chest freezers operate with the help of an external power supply. The power should be turned off and the power cord placed within the device should be removed completely. This process will ensure safety for the users while defrosting the device.

Turning off the power will turn off the further frosting operation in the freezer. So that the temperature within the freezer gets increases and so the ice will start melting slowly. This is a slow process and it will take several hours for completion. So for easy and time effective defrosting, several other steps are performed and used within the device.

  1. Defrosting

Defrosting can be done just by turning off the power, but it takes time and some manual work. Open the top lid and all the other suitable accessories within the freezer. Allow the freezer to be at normal temperature.

The ice within the device will start melting, now take a towel and bucket. The towel acts as an effective absorbent of water and so wipe the regions with ice and ring the towel in the bucket. This step can remove the frosted ice with less work. Check out the design of the device, if the device has any bottom draining pan, remove the pan periodically and drain the pan in the bucket or sink, then replace the pan.

As this is a time-consuming process, there are other steps that can be used effectively for defrosting, they are given below.

a. Hot Water Method

Ice can be easily melted with the help of heat. Hence hot water can be used for defrosting the entire device. But the device should be maintained carefully while using hot water because the quality of the plastics used within the device may get affected with the introduction of hot water into the device.

Pour hot water in the regions covered with plenty of ice. Pour slowly from top to bottom, so that all the ice within the freezer can be melted easily. Remove the water periodically, so that the draining process will be easy. After this clean the entire device with the help of a towel.

b. Hairdryer Method

The next important and useful method that can reduce the time of defrosting is the hairdryer method. The hair drier generally exhibits hot air and this hot air can be used for melting the ice within the device. These processes also require draining and the device can be cleaned completely with this device.

  1. Turn On The Device

After the defrosting process, turn ON the device by plugging in the power cord to the external power source. This is done because the device should be cooled first after the defrosting process. After turning ON the device set the freezer level for instant cooling.

  1. Freeze The Products

This is the final step of the defrosting process. In this step, all the food products removed for the defrosting process are placed within the freezer; before placing the products, check whether the products are maintained fresh. Adjust the freezer level according to the type of the products and preserve the food products easily.

These are the various steps that should be followed while defrosting the chest freezer.

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