Chest Freezer Kegerator – Steps Involved In Conversion


Are you struggling hard to find out the way for storing your beer, soda and soft drinks in a safe place? Here comes your solution for the storage problem with the use of the construction of chest freezer Kegerator. Building your own chest freezer kegerator is a fun playing and cost saving method instead of buying an expensive kegerator unit. The chest freezer Kegerator is a special type of altered design which is used to store the beer, soda and other type of soft drinks.


It usually keeps the ingredient in the freezer to be dispensed out from the unit with a full force by means of the pressurized carbon-dioxide equipped in the device. With the use of the chest freezer Kegerator, it helps to remain the beer, soda and soft drinks in the carbonated fresh condition inside the freezer for a long duration period. If you decided to build the chest freezer kegerator on your own, hopefully you will gain useful information from this article about the conversion process.

What Are The Steps Needed For The Chest Freezer Kegerator Conversion?

The chest freezer kegerator is one of the great and fabulous ways to keep the beer and other soft drinks in the chest freezer housing for easy dispensing purposes. With the use of this instructable article, you can find out the best way of designing your own chest freezer kegerator within the lowest affordable budget in a step by step manner.

This article provide you with the step by step guideline to build your own kegerator for keeping the homebrew type of beer and soft drinks for a long duration periods even in the power shutdown conditions. This chest freezer kegerator is a awesome fun giving home project which takes only one day to complete it.

Step 1 – Choosing The Perfect Matching Chest Freezer Model

The first main step to build your own chest freezer kegerator is to choose the right and best suited chest freezer for converting it into a kegerator unit. Picking the right chest freezer is one of the difficult tasks in building the perfect kegerator unit. Make some research for choosing the best chest freezer to convert to a kegerator and be ensuring about the bulky space and removable shelves to store large number of kegs within a single unit.

Step 2 – Collection Of Needed Keg Materials

In addition to the chest freezer, the next important thing is to collect all the necessary keg materials such as Carbon-dioxide bottle, keg tower, metal grate, regulator, screws, plastic cutting board, keg lines, drip tray, drilling machine and other needful materials.

Step 3 – Drilling Process In The User Desirable Place

After collecting all the needful material for the conversion process of chest freezer kegerator, the next most important step is to create a hole in the top desirable portion of the freezer with the use of the drilling machine. This drilling process is the important and difficult process take place in the chest freezer kegerator conversion process. To make this drilling process an easier, plug in the freezer and turn the thermostat to full cool option for about one hour such that the freezer’s lines get hot to make a perfect hole.

Step 4 – Affixation Of Keg Tower

When the drilling process is over, the next important step is to fix the keg tower on to the drilled hole on the top of the chest freezer. With the use of the cutting board, place the keg tower inside the freezer and make a rigid support to the keg tower with the freezer by means of the screw bolting. Make a tight fit over the keg tower on to the freezer to modulate the device as the water proofing unit to safe guard the storage ingredients.

Step 5 – Final Door Fixing

After finishing all the drilling and circuit wiring works, the final step of the chest freezer kegerator conversion is to fix all the parts and door together into a single kegerator unit. Push the rubber type of door implementation sealing and tight all the screw mounted inside the white plastic section of the door for perfect completion.

I do hope that the above mentioned steps about chest freezer kegerator conversion helps you in the way to make your own kegerator unit to safe guard your beer, soda and other soft drinks over a long duration timing. If you feel that I have miss out some important points to mention in this article, please do share your valuable ideas on the comment box.